Name Jeff Stapleton
  • Hamilton LRT
  • 407 East Highway Project
  • GO Expansion

As both a Professional Engineer and Senior Project Manager, Jeff has 18 years of progressive technical and commercial experience delivering large capital projects. He completed an MBA in Finance from the Rotman School of Management, and has a broad range of experience throughout the project life cycle, from initial feasibility and planning work, to detailed design, construction, and commencement of operations. 

Throughout his career, Jeff has always focused on developing strong relationships among colleagues and clients that result in deeply collaborative teams. Over the past several years, Jeff’s focus has been on the project management and commercial side of large AFP projects, but his previous experience includes delivery within traditional DBB and DB models, as well as integrated team / EPCM delivery. Jeff’s recent projects include commercial lead roles on GO Expansion’s OnCorr DBFOM project, Hurontario LRT, Hamilton LRT, Windsor Essex Parkway (Rt Hon. Herb Gray Parkway), and 407 East East Extension.

Name Fitra Hartono
  • GO Expansion
  • Calgary LRT
  • Canada Infrastructure Bank

Fitra is a recent graduate of Industrial Engineering from the University of Toronto with expertise in financial modelling, simulation, statistics, and data analytics. Her strength lies in Operations Research, where she utilizes various analytical methods to provide quantitative bases for complex problem solving and decision making. Fitra’s recent work involved developing the scoring mechanisms for the GO Expansion Procurement and Calgary LRT Procurement, the payment regimes to be used in the GO Expansion Project, and providing simulation and data analysis support to the Strategic Train Service Planning team at Metrolinx.

Name Morteza Rabbani
  • East Harbour Transit Hub
  • Stouffville GO Station
  • GO Transit Kipling Mobility Hub

For over 15 years, Morteza has led delivery teams through different phases of procurement, design, evaluation, construction, and commissioning on a variety of transit and municipal projects under DBB, DB, and AFP/P3 contracts. 

His ability to lead diverse multidisciplinary teams has been strengthened through experience as a Manager/Project Manager (client’s representative) on transit projects with GO Transit (Metrolinx), Infrastructure Ontario, Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) and City of Toronto.

Name Felipe Carmago
  • Go Expansion
  • Downtown Relief Line Project
  • SmartTrack Station Project

Felipe is a transportation planner and data scientist with over 20 years of experience, having worked for both the private and public sectors in Canada, the U.K., Colombia and Australia. He has a passion for problem solving and evidence-based decision-making with expertise that ranges from economic evaluation, strategic network modeling and spatial analysis to process automation, big data analytics and machine learning. Throughout his career, Felipe has been involved in projects involving descriptive analytics, predictive analytics and automation, and has led the development of tools and web applications to streamline work and present data and models through the use of dashboards and web interfaces.

Name Bithun Sarkar
  • GO Expansion OnCorridor project
  • Port Lands Flood Protection and Enabling Infrastructure project
  • Central Alberta Gas Plant Decommissioning and Remediation project

Bithun is a seasoned project manager and a professional engineer with over a decade of experience delivering major infrastructure and environmental projects across both the public and private sectors. He excels in leading cross-functional teams, project development and execution, strategic planning, procurement advisory and stakeholder management. 

Before joining Boxfish, Bithun led large-scale remediation projects for Imperial Oil and he was one of the lead consultants on Waterfront Toronto’s $1.2B Port Lands Flood Protection project where he helped develop a climate-resilient infrastructure solution. Over the past three years, Bithun played an integral role in Metrolinx’s GO Expansion OnCorridor project, particularly in delivering the DBOM procurement.

Name Hasan Alhamwi
  • GO Expansion
  • GHG Inventory Report (CIB)

A graduate of McGill’s Civil Engineering program with a minor in Construction Management Hassan is also certified as an Envision Sustainability Professional (ENV SP) and has completed the British Standards ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems Lead Auditor program. 

At Boxfish, Hasan’s proven ability to master complex concepts and produce advanced technical and financial models, combined with his excellent leadership and organizational skills, are an asset to the Project Design & Management, Commercial Support and Claims Management teams. 


Name Kent Barber
  • GO Expansion
  • Davenport Diamond Grade Separation
  • Rutherford GO Station

Over the past 24 years, Kent has delivered on transportation projects for a variety of public and private sector clients, including Metrolinx, the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario and various regional transit authorities. He has extensive experience in the management of complex highway and transit projects including planning, preliminary design, Environmental Assessments and detailed design. 

More recently, Kent has provided project management and technical advisory services to the Metrolinx Capital Projects Group on several AFP projects. His recent projects include the Regional Express Rail (RER) Early Works – Davenport Diamond Grade Separation, Rutherford GO Station, Stouffville GO Stations, Cooksville GO Station Redevelopment, Ottawa LRT and the Highway 401 Rail Tunnel projects.

Name Zakiah Kassam P.Eng, CIH, BEMP
  • GO Expansion, Metrolinx, Toronto
  • CNRL Kirby Project, Alberta, Canada
  • Saudi Aramco Hawiyah Expansion Project, Saudi Arabia

Zakiah brings an exciting combination of advanced knowledge in the fields of engineering, finance and environmental law to her role at Boxfish. Zakiah has over 20 years of professional experience spanning the energy sector—including the design of large oil and gas facilities—environmental and OHS assessments, and large multinational development projects, including P3 projects. Zakiah’s strengths include managing interdisciplinary teams, risk assessment, and integrated financial and technical modeling

Name Aditya Gupta
  • GO Expansion OnCorridor Project
  • Enbridge Clipper Expansion Phase 2 Project
  • Winnipeg Women’s Hospital Redevelopment Project
  • East Harbor Transit Hub and Hamilton LRT (ongoing)

For over 10 years, Aditya (Adi) has implemented project management systems, processes and procedures for major infrastructure projects, spanning project initiation to project closeout. Working for both public and private sector clients, Adi’s experience includes field engineering, construction supervision, project controls and project management. One of Adi’s biggest strengths is his ability to build and manage strong relationships with clients, partners, technical advisors, contractors and suppliers. Adi is also well versed and proficient in both traditional and P3/AFP project delivery methods.

Name James Christidis P.Eng.
  • Davenport Diamond Grade Seperation
  • Waterfront Toronto Port Lands
  • Scarborough Subway Extension

James is a Professional Engineer with 15 years of experience in the environmental field. James brings a broad range of environmental engineering knowledge to Boxfish with a specific depth of expertise in soil and groundwater contamination. 

Over the past three years, James has supported Metrolinx’s Pre-Construction Services group as the Commercial Director, leading projects during procurement and implementation, while working with staff to get ahead of potential commercial issues. James has also provided support as a SME on soil and groundwater related notices and claims.

Name Rafael Monfardini
  • Lakeshore West Infrastructure Improvements Project
  • Tancredo Neves International Airport Concessionaire (BH Airport)
  • Anhanguera-Bandeirantes Highway System Concessionaire (CCR AutoBAn)

From business case development to contract management, Rafael has held advisory and leading roles on major highway, airport and subway programmes, including public private partnerships delivered across different jurisdictions. Whether supporting business development initiatives or the management of business units, Rafael’s experience with concession agreements, construction contracts, stakeholder management, and liaison with governmental agencies has been key to establishing a strong track record of successful bids, implementation of new concessionaires, and contract extensions.

Name Brian Guest
  • GO Expansion
  • Stage 2 Ottawa LRT
  • Eglinton Crosstown

Brian brings together detailed knowledge of government operations at all levels, municipal, provincial and federal. He combines a proven ability to grapple with complex policy with the ability to capitalize on communications opportunities. Brian has been instrumental in the modernization of major P3 infrastructure procurements in Canada.

His work with the City of Ottawa on the Confederation Line was awarded the 2013 Gold Award for Transportation Innovation from the Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships, the P3 Bulletin Silver award for best rail/transit projects in the Americas, and was named the North American PPP Deal of the Year by Project Finance Magazine in 2013.

Name Scott Bowers P.Eng.
  • GO Expansion, Metrolinx, Toronto
  • Hurontario LRT, Metrolinx, Toronto
  • Finch West LRT, Metrolinx, Toronto 

Scott Bowers is a founding partner of the Boxfish Infrastructure Group. Over the past 27 years he has been involved in several project management, planning, design and contract administration projects. Scott has extensive experience with large-scale P3/AFP transit projects, including both the development of the procurement documents, in-market process and contract compliance.

His experience also includes the site supervision of a wide range of railway, structural and roadway construction projects and the administration of construction contracts.

Name Trevor Parker P.Eng.
  • Lakeshore West Improvements Project
  • SmartTrack Stations Portfolio
  • Stouffville Stations and Steeles Avenue Grade Separation

Trevor has over 20 years of experience delivering successful projects from project inception through to construction, including Mextrolinx’s GO Expansion—a $20+ billion capital infrastructure build to transform the existing GO transit commuter rail service into a regional express railway. He is highly experienced in the procurement and implementation of complex multi-stakeholder projects including those with P3 delivery models. Trevor’s depth of expertise ranges from commercial bid negotiations to analyzing technical data and complex design constraints; from working with legal and financial advisors to achieve consensus on commercial items to developing budgets and providing contract administration.

Name Mark Waters P.Eng.
  • Ontario Line
  • Eglinton Crosstown
  • Air Rail Link Spur

A founding partner of the Boxfish Infrastructure Group, Mark has almost 30 years of experience in the delivery of complex transportation and transit infrastructure projects. Mark’s skills and experience cover a wide scope of project types and delivery methods representing both owners and developers/contractors, including some of the largest P3/AFP projects in Canada. 

His recent projects include the Eglinton Crosstown LRT, Ottawa LRT, Union Pearson Express, Herb Gray Parkway (Pursuit) and the York Region Rapid Transit Corporation (YRT Viva).

Name David Ellis
  • GO Expansion
  • Eglinton Crosstown
  • Ottawa LRT

David is a multidisciplinary rail project director and a professionally qualified building services engineer with over 22 years of experience. In his design manager roles, he has managed large multi-disciplinary teams of design engineers and sub-consultants both locally and globally. Additionally he has managed teams of ISO Quality professionals, Safety & Security Professionals, and Environmental engineering. Finally David has managed multi-discipline Rail designs, installation and commissioning projects for the safe, high-quality delivery of complete turnkey design and construction packages. He has taken designs from concept through detailed design and into construction documentation within the public-private-partnership (P3), Alternative Financing Procurement (AFP), Progressive Design and traditional Design-Bid-Build models of project delivery.